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We need Apiary Sites

IMG_8166Southerns Beekeepers Association members are forever on the lookout for suitable apiary sites to put their hives. If you own a smallholding or a farm and would like to encourage a bee friendly environment contact us so we can put you in touch with those of our members who require apiary sites. Although there is no monetary reward, all reputable beekeepers keep their site hosts in regular supply of their own home made honey. You too could learn about the interesting hobby or livelihood of beekeeping. Make your smallholding give you a return on your investment.

The key factors that beekeepers look for in siting apiaries are food source, accessibility, security and convenience.

Apiary Sites need

Food Source: there must be suitable forage for bees. A gum plantation is ideal. Also bees need a lot of water.

Accessibility: the beekeeper must be able to get up close to the hives with his vehicle. Carrying full supers of capped honey is back breaking work.

Security: one of the biggest threats to the bee industry is the constant cost of vandalism and theft. Bees are also often kept in isolated areas which can make for dangerous situations for the beekeeper himself.

Convenience: Hives should not be placed too close to human dwellings or where humans or livestock walk or where the bees can be irritated by unnecessary movement.

Pictures from the Field Day in Midrand 4 June 2016

What a stunning venue and gathering. Thanks to the guys for sharing so much info with the us. It is mind boggling when you are a newbee to bee keeping. The info to be learnt at one of these outings is priceless. Thanks again to all involved. Enjoy the Photos.



Thanks to Ivan Brown for a most interesting talk at the bee meeting on Thursday night.

This is what Ivan is about. Beegin is focused on the development of an appropriate beekeeping technology system for local apiculture and urban agriculture in South Africa.

You can find out more details on his Facebook about what he is up to. Beegin on Facebook

Badger Damage

11 x hives vs 1x Honey Badger in Vaalwater.

Badger = 1, Kai = 0

The cage is what I use now to protect the hives.

Thanks to Kai for the photos

Field Day Midrand 4 June 2016

Venue: Midrand
Dates: 4 June 2016
Time: 10am till 2pm
Topic: Practical beekeeping demonstrations

(No bee suites required)

Demonstrations on:

Lighting a smoker
Hive assembly
Frame assembly
Protective clothing
Bee toolbox / checklist
Marking of hives / frames

Please bring:

Own meat & drinks
Cutlery & crockery
Beekeeping equipment

We give:

Pap & gravy

Please let us know if you are interested