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    Lantz Mattinson

    Please share your questions here


    Hi All, I am in the middle of my bee keeping course and am loving every minute of it! bees have always been a passion of mine and I recently decided it is time for me to start working to help protect these precious creatures. I stay in the Lone hill area which is restricting me from gaining the experience I need due to it being quite a built up residential area. I am desperate for some hands on experience with my very own hive and have a catch box ready however I do not have anywhere to safely hang it in order to catch my first swarm. I have been offered a home for them once they have been caught in which I will be able to visit biweekly to check in on their progress and learn through them. My biggest challenge is; where do I place my catch box. If anyone is able to assist with suggestions on areas or perhaps know anyone with some space, I will highly appreciate it! Preferably somewhere within a 10-15km radius from lonehill would be great! I am also very keen to get involved in order to learn as much as possible, so if anyone is looking for some help around their farms or knows of someone who wouldn’t mind some extra help, I would love to lend a hand over weekends or weekday evenings as a volunteer. The only experience I have so far is some spring cleaning, splitting of hives and migrating a feral hive from an old tyre into a brood box. My email address is and my contact number is 079 335 0762. I have started attending the SBA meetings and will become a full member as of 2017 when registrations open, I hope to meet you all there! 🙂

    Lantz Mattinson

    Hello Gabrielle

    Welcome to the world of bee keeping, it is fun. Do you not have another friend you can just put the trap box up and tell them you will move it once the bees are in. We have done that at a friends, we where also lucky they let us keep a hive in their property.

    I will keep my ear to the ground and if I hear anybody wanting help with bees I will let you know.



    I am also a beginner. I have just moved a swarm from a catch hive into a broodbox. I had put the catch hive in a tree in my garden. I have been told different things about how to do the transfer. I transferred five frames into the centre of the box, with empty frames with wax strips on either side of this. I have since been told it would be better to put all of the full frames together on one side of the hive, with the empty frames on the other. I have then also been told to intersperse frames with strips between the frames that the bees are occupying. Now I wonder if I should re-open the hive to move frames around. But don’t want to disturb things. So, am not sure what would be best. I will be at the meetings Gabrielle – so look forward to meeting you next year.

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