Southerns Beekeeping Association

Ode to Johannesburg Drill Hall Honey

Why white honey in Joburg
Constant bussing
Constant buzzing
Constant humming
Constant music
Constant emissions

Cosmopolitan tongues
Cosmopolitan anxiety
Cosmopolitan hopes
Cosmopolitan ambitions
Cosmopolitan spirits
Cosmopolitan vibes
Scents,odours,sweat,tears,moon blood, tap water,spring water,emmissions,dew,mist, pollen,nectar,carbonated drinks,fruit juices,anguents from city trees
With all these ingredients on their wings, legs and bellies
They enter their city brood box
And with a never ending buzz
Under the Johannesburg sky with its cosmic forces
Create in their bellies and regurgitate “White Honey”
As if to give the buzzy Jozi
A clean bill of health.

Kitts Mageza  2015


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