Southerns Beekeeping Association

Photo competition amongst our members

Hi all.

Southerns is proud to be sponsoring posters of Bees for the education center at Joburg Zoo. The committee has decided to hold a photo competition amongst our members. There will be 2 categories: 1. For A1 size posters, minimum 12 mega pixel cameras. 2. For A2 size posters, cell phone and lesser cameras. We need great pics that explains Bees to kids and adults. Queen , brood,honey, lava, apiary site etc. There will be 19 pics chosen with 3 winners. We need 1 pic of the cycle of life in a separate prize category. The 20 chosen pics will have the photographers’ name put on the poster with the Zoo logo and Southerns logo. Pic MUST be taken by the entrant and NOT copied. All entries to be sent to with photographers name and category entered. Closing date is 12 October and winners will be announced at our year end dinner.

Thanks to Christopher Russell for the photo


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