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Required information on the honey labels

A little info to help with your honey labels


Like in many other countries, the Republic of South Africa has requirements for the control of the sale of honey or mixtures of bee products. This is administered under Agricultural Product Standards Act, 1990 (Act No. 119 of 1990), Government Notice No. 835 of 25 August 2000. The regulations apply to grading, packaging and marking of honey and mixtures of bee products intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa. South African regulatory requirements on honey and mixtures of bee products are designed to protect consumers, while ensuring fair competition for the industry, including both local and imported products. Please see SABIO for more info

Honey Labels, Requirements

According to the legislation mentioned in the pdf link below, any container with honey or mixtures of bee products intended for sale locally shall be clearly and legibly marked. The prescribed marking requirements are set with the aim of providing the consumer with accurate and relevant information on a product, so as to allow an informed and personal choice to be made. The sketch in the pdf link provides an example of how the container shall be marked.

Brochure for grading & marking honey & honey products



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