Southerns Beekeeping Association

Training Courses in Beekeeping

Beequipment SA(Mike Miles)011 476 5626 (mornings only)
Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg“Basics in Beekeeping” – an introductory course on beekeeping.Two-day weekend programme and field work.
Sharon Lage


Woodmead, JohannesburgDip your toes in!

Thinking about beekeeping as a hobby, but need to understand what is involved, what it could cost you, how much time you need to invest etc?
Sharon will share her experience through an informal discussion – What you need to know if you are wanting to take up beekeeping:
  • Training courses available
  • Legalities
  • Where to buy equipment, what you will need and average costs thereof
When: 2nd Saturday of the Month 08h30 – pls confirm attendance as space is limited
Cost: R50 per attendee. Tea & coffee provided.
Sharon Lage


Woodmead, Johannesburg

Introduction to Beekeeping: 2 Full days Saturday & Sunday – Theory & Practicals

This course is designed for those persons wanting to become Beekeepers and New Beekeepers with 1 or 2 hives who do not have any experience working on the hives.

  • Getting started
  • Know your bees: Inside the Hive
  • Beehive components and accessories
  • How & when to harvest honey
  • Acquiring bees: Buying vs Catching and installing a swarm
  • What can go wrong?
  • Practical in the Apiary and in the Honey Room
When: 2nd weekend of the Month – Bookings close 5 days prior to commencement.
Times: 10h30 – 17h30 Sat ; 10h30 – 16h00 Sun
Cost: R1200 per attendee. Max 15 attendees. Lunch & tea / coffee included.
Note: Beesuits are required for the practical in the Apiary.

Sharon Lage


Woodmead, Johannesburg

Intermediate Beekeeping Training:

These modules are designed for New to Experienced Beekeepers, covering more detailed theory and practical training material.
Each module is run separately, and may cover either 1 or 2 full days depending on the content. Bee Suits are required for the practical sessions.
Modules include the what, when, how and why:

  • Setting up an Apiary, Apiary etiquette, moving bees, Equipment
  • Harvesting, Processing & Marketing your Honey
  • Hive Management
  • Spring and Winter Maintenance
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Pollination Services
  • Bee Removals
  • Record Keeping
When: By arrangement, depending on demand
Where: Theory – Woodmead, Practicals – appropriate Apiary Sites
Cost: Depending on the module – average cost R1000/module, max 10 attendees/module
Kai Hichert0825610346
Johannesburg, GautengAn introductory bee course giving you a very good grounding and help you understand what bee keeping is all about. The risks and rewards associated with beekeeping are explained in simple terms.


This is a two day course, the first in the comfort of a class room and the second out in the fields with the bees.

Cost for the 2 days is R1400 and includes lunches and tea/coffee’s on both days.

Louis Van Zyl0727968334
Randfontein West Rand in JohannesburgA to Z course in beekeeping for two weeks.  Agri/Seta accredited