Southerns Beekeeping Association

Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers

The following suppliers of Beekeeping Equipment and Products support Southerns Members and can be contacted accordingly.

The BeeKeepers
Kai 0825610346
David 0825786038
1 Airdlin Road, Paulshof,
BeeKeeper Training “The Building Blocks To BeeKeeping”
Workshops on welding wax into frames and wiring frames
Phone: 0640707965
CenturionMnandi Agricultural Services (Pty) Ltd
Vat# 4210 293 116

We manufacture and supply complete Langstroth hives as well; components thereof as well as catch boxes.
South Africa
(contact Mike Miles)
011 476 5626 (mornings only)

Randpark Ridge, Randburg, JohannesburgBeehives, Protective Clothing,
Beekeeping & Honey Extraction Equipment