Southerns Beekeeping Association

SBA Members – Important Info 2022

We had a really productive SBA Committee meeting last night in which our main topic of discussion was how and what we could be doing to give the best value to our Southerns’ members, so you can look forward to some exciting meetings and events in the near future.

Notice for the next Members meeting (Thursday 3 March) will go out shortly: in addition to the draw for the TanE hive, we will reintroduce the raffle and have some amazing (and different) prizes planned. Our main speaker will be Jeremy Hollman – San Rock Art Specialist who will be talking about the Drakensburg rock art depicting the San’s relationship with bees. This is a really interesting topic and we hope our members will enjoy the presentation. We have had a few members come forward willing to share more beekeeping hacks (they unfortunately couldn’t attend the last meeting), time allowing, and many more items on the agenda – action packed meeting!

We are in the throes of planning our next field trip, details of which will be announced at the next meeting.

We would like to encourage and remind everyone that your 2022 SBA subs are due on 1 January. We received 118 payments before the cut-off to be able to qualify for the draw of the TanE Hive (donated by Edd Scott). Members have until 28 February to renew their membership, after which they will have to pay a Visitors Fee if they attend the meeting in person. Invitations to the Zoom meeting will only be sent to paid-up members of SBA.

So ?, why should you renew your membership?

  1. It is a nominal amount – R280 for single member or R380 for family membership. We haven’t increased the subs for the past 3 years, and these subs go towards paying for the venue, website hosting, Zoom, accounting fees, prizes, occasional speaker fees etc.
  2. As a member you may participate in the SBA WhatsApp Group where you can raise questions or share experiences – invaluable!
  3. Monthly Raffles – amazing prizes! The new blood on the Committee have brought new ideas for prizes ??
  4. Field Days – we aim to have at least 1 field day per quarter – we intend to continue the tradition of offering a Spit Braai at the field days …. A draw card for even those who don’t want to visit the bees ?? (and don’t forget Ryan & Nadia’s pap-en-sous!) Lots of sharing / fun / laughter … and maybe a few stings ? hope not ?
  5. Monthly meetings where a wide array of topics are discussed and ideas shared. Experienced beekeepers share their knowledge and know-how. We have asked which topics would be of interest to members, and will focus on items that haven’t been covered for some time. Eg April – Nurseryman (how to propagate bee forage); May – Doug Newman (Birds that predate on bees) … & in between all the actual beekeeping topics (winter maintenance etc). We will also invite a panel of Removal Experts to talk about Bee Removals – probably June meeting.
  6. Year End Function! Always a highlight & we try to do something different that will entertain the Members. Lots of fun & camaraderie ❤️?.
  7. AGM – this in one real opportunity in which members can drive the agenda & make changes for the benefit of SBA. It is not intended as a tick the box exercise. This year, the accounts are already nearing finalisation (thanks to our accounting crew of Gavin & Chantal Crossley) , so we intend to hold the AGM earlier than in previous years. We are in a healthy position financially and we wish to get your input on how these funds can be used to benefit the beekeeping community.
  8. We are in the process of collecting information to update/renew/refresh the SBA website – this will include a platform that Members can sign into to get ‘Members only’ information.

Here is the crunch (and the rod ?)… we have resolved that any members who have not renewed their membership by 28 February will a) immediately be removed from the SBA WhatsApp group and b) will be removed from the Members mailing list – ie will not receive the invite for the Zoom link for the monthly meetings. We would hate for you to lose out, so please pay to renew your membership. A reminder – renewal means paying the subs AND submitting an updated Membership Application Form.

If you have any questions/queries, you are welcome to contact any of the Committee Members.

FIELD DAY – Spring Maintenance Sept 2021

Come join us on a fun day out of town for some fresh air where we will be doing spring maintenance on hives, transferring catch boxes to full hives and then after have a good time connecting and building up bee knowledge.

Bring a few drinks and enjoy some spitbraai while sharing our spectacular view with us.

Date:  Saturday 18 Sept 2021

11KM from Magaliesburg
Pin to be sent on rsvp                       

Time: 08h30

Members: Free
Guest: R50       

RSVP: Ryan Erasmus 0846452353 whatsapp only please

What to bring: Beesuits, own drinks, chairs, cutlery

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

SABIO’s Honey Fraud Workshop

Don’t miss this World Bee Day 20 May event – SABIO’s Honey Fraud Workshop. You have to register to be able to participate. It’s an online event and it’s free to join as long as you register. Registration will also allow you to view presentations after the events should you not be able to follow the live event. Registration now open at du Toit. SABIO.


Date: Saturday 20 March 2021

Venue: Platteland Country House
Farm Lisbon, Settlers
Contact: Janine (082)469 7937
GPS link will be posted onto Whatsapp group
(ie Settlers / Springbokvlaktes area – approx. 138km from Sandton)

Time: Meet on the farm at 08h30

Cost: R70 per attendee (Facility hire – includes crockery & cutlery etc)

RSVP: David Fraser – / (082) 578-6038

What to bring: Beesuits, own food and drinks

Optional Extras: Clay pigeon or Wing shooting – pls make your own arrangements,
directly with the hosts (082)469 7937

Registration with DALRRD (formerly DAFF).

Just a reminder to all Southern’s Members – the moment you have 1 beehive, by law you have to register as a beekeeper. Registration is done with DALRRD (formerly DAFF).

First time beekeepers can register at any time and they will be given a unique number which is their beekeeper registration number for life. Registration is valid for a period of 2 years.

Beekeepers whose registration has expired, must resubmit the registration form every – done every 2 years.

Email completed forms to copy to

Honey and Mead, Bee Hive Products Competition

Download the Entry form now, Entries close on Friday 06 November 2020.


  1. Entries close on Friday 06 November 2020.
  2. No late entries will be accepted.
  3. Entry forms, along with proof of payment (EFT) to be emailed to – and cc
    (entry forms without proof of payment will not be judged).
  4. Competition entries may be couriered to the HJG stewards, details to be liaised directly with exhibitor.
  5. All entries will be staged by the stewards on 25/11/2020 from 07.30am at the venue.
  6. Entries, Exhibits will be judged on 26/11/2020 and 27/11/2020.
  7. An exhibitor may submit more than one (1) entry per class, provided that each entry is from a different source.
  8. All bottled honey entries are to be exhibited in 500g clear glass honey jars (photo of possible jars attached).
  9. Label & packaging classes are an exception to point 8, and may be exhibited in any size or shape of glass or plastic bottles, but not a combination of both.
  10. Labels may not be affixed to any exhibit, with the obvious exception of the Label & Packaging Classes.
  11. Mead entries may have either screw tops or cork, but must have shrink capsule over the lid in the right colour:
    • sweet or metheglyn: GOLD,
    • semi sweet or hippocras: GREEN,
    • dry or melomel: YELLOW,
    • sparkling to have the colour relevant to other mead,
    • honey beer to have caps.
  12. Entries with markings on bottles or lids will be disqualified.
  13. Entries not adhering to the entry requirements specified will be disqualified.
  14. Exhibits delivered by courier may be sent with additional lids. Upon request, the stewards will replace the lids on the day of staging the entries.
  15. The Judges may move an entry to a more suitable class or category, without prejudice to the entry.
  16. Judging will be by points, recorded on a contest score sheet.
  17. All exhibits are to be collected immediately after the competition results are made public. If the entrant is unable to do so, then to communicate / liaise with the stewards in advance.
  18. The Judges’ decision is final.

Dip your toes in!

Thinking about beekeeping as a hobby, but need to understand what is involved, what it could cost you, how much time you need to invest etc?
Sharon will share her experience through an informal discussion – What you need to know if you are wanting to take up beekeeping:

  • Training courses availableLegalities Where to buy equipment, what you will need and average costs thereof

When: Make an appointment to spend half an hour with Sharon at a mutually convenient time for an informal discussion. Sometimes this is easier than a phone call.
Cost: Nil

Sharon Lage0834498980
Woodmead, Johannesburg


Please join us for an inspiring and highly informative Training Course designed for Beginner and Hobbyist Beekeepers.

DURATION                          2 Full days Saturday & Sunday – Theory & Practicals

COURSE DATES                  ALWAYS – Second Saturday & Sunday of the Month

                                                8-9 February 2020            –              09h00 – 16h30   *

                                                7-8 March 2020                 –              09h00 – 16h30   *

                                                11-12 April 2020                –              Nil: Easter Weekend

                                                9-10 May 2020                   –              09h00 – 16h30   *

  • Note: Practical sessions are held each day

Note* Times may over-run during the Practical sessions

COURSE CONTENT           Getting Started: History of Beekeeping, Registration & Legislation, Why Bees? Safety Equipment, Bee Stings, Types of Hives and Tools, Where to get equipment etc.

Inside the Hive – Know your Bees!: Types of Bees, Roles within the Colony, What is going on inside the Hive, Bee Forage, Identification of different types of combs and cells etc. During the practical sessions, we open beehives and identify/discuss what is observed, and where necessary, we actively ‘work’ the hive (eg. Perform a split, perform spring maintenance, harvest honey etc – all very exciting!)

Hive Components & Assembly : We examine important parts and components of a successful hive. Time permitting, we also build a flat-pack hive from scratch, and discuss the various hive alternatives available. We also take a turn in the Honey House, upcapping harvested frames and look at different methods to extract the honey.

Catching & Installing a Swarm: Practical aspects to getting started, tips are given on successfully enticing the bees to choose your beehive, and physically transferring of a swarm from a catch box into a beehive.

COST                                     R1200 per person.  Maximum 15 delegates.

  • Family members attending together qualify for a 40% Discount for 2nd+ attendees
  • Cost includes finger lunch for full day sessions and tea/coffee throughout

EQUIPMENT                       Cost of Course excludes kit (ie Beekeepers Protective Suit and/or beehive).

Bee Suits are not required for the Theory Training, but are essential for the Practical Training. We have a limited number of suits for hire (should you not have your own) and offer them on a first-come basis at R150/suit/course.

ADDRESS                             146 Western Service Road, Woodmead, Johannesburg.                                 

TO BOOK                             Sharon Lage – 083 449 8980 [GP072]