Southerns Beekeeping Association

A to Z course in beekeeping for two weeks.

A to Z course in beekeeping for two weeks. Agri/Seta accredited

Randfontein West Rand in Johannesburg

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Dip your toes in!

Thinking about beekeeping as a hobby, but need to understand what is involved, what it could cost you, how much time you need to invest etc?
Sharon will share her experience through an informal discussion – What you need to know if you are wanting to take up beekeeping:

  • Training courses availableLegalities Where to buy equipment, what you will need and average costs thereof

When: Make an appointment to spend half an hour with Sharon at a mutually convenient time for an informal discussion. Sometimes this is easier than a phone call.
Cost: Nil

Sharon Lage0834498980
Woodmead, Johannesburg


Please join us for an inspiring and highly informative Training Course designed for Beginner and Hobbyist Beekeepers.

DURATION                          2 Full days Saturday & Sunday – Theory & Practicals

COURSE DATES                  ALWAYS – Second Saturday & Sunday of the Month

                                                8-9 February 2020            –              09h00 – 16h30   *

                                                7-8 March 2020                 –              09h00 – 16h30   *

                                                11-12 April 2020                –              Nil: Easter Weekend

                                                9-10 May 2020                   –              09h00 – 16h30   *

  • Note: Practical sessions are held each day

Note* Times may over-run during the Practical sessions

COURSE CONTENT           Getting Started: History of Beekeeping, Registration & Legislation, Why Bees? Safety Equipment, Bee Stings, Types of Hives and Tools, Where to get equipment etc.

Inside the Hive – Know your Bees!: Types of Bees, Roles within the Colony, What is going on inside the Hive, Bee Forage, Identification of different types of combs and cells etc. During the practical sessions, we open beehives and identify/discuss what is observed, and where necessary, we actively ‘work’ the hive (eg. Perform a split, perform spring maintenance, harvest honey etc – all very exciting!)

Hive Components & Assembly : We examine important parts and components of a successful hive. Time permitting, we also build a flat-pack hive from scratch, and discuss the various hive alternatives available. We also take a turn in the Honey House, upcapping harvested frames and look at different methods to extract the honey.

Catching & Installing a Swarm: Practical aspects to getting started, tips are given on successfully enticing the bees to choose your beehive, and physically transferring of a swarm from a catch box into a beehive.

COST                                     R1200 per person.  Maximum 15 delegates.

  • Family members attending together qualify for a 40% Discount for 2nd+ attendees
  • Cost includes finger lunch for full day sessions and tea/coffee throughout

EQUIPMENT                       Cost of Course excludes kit (ie Beekeepers Protective Suit and/or beehive).

Bee Suits are not required for the Theory Training, but are essential for the Practical Training. We have a limited number of suits for hire (should you not have your own) and offer them on a first-come basis at R150/suit/course.

ADDRESS                             146 Western Service Road, Woodmead, Johannesburg.                                 

TO BOOK                             Sharon Lage – 083 449 8980 [GP072]