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    Good Afternoon.

    There is a massive bee crisis this year and i really want to do my bit to help.

    I used to have two hives but we had to move and the people who moved in had the hives removed
    before i could collect them ( I was at boarding school)

    I have recently purchased a hive and had no success attracting a wild swarm.
    i have planted tons of flowers (mainly scented lavender) and baited the hive with lemongrass oil

    I would really love for someone to help me relocate a hive into my hive so that they
    can get started on the brood.

    I have called many bee removal businesses and they are willing but going to charge
    me a lot of money. As a current student i am strapped for cash but really don’t want
    my hive to be sitting empty when its such a great new home for them.

    Please if you can assist at all please post and ill get in touch.

    Lantz Mattinson

    Hello Stuart

    Have you tried a trap hive? I have a few spares ones if you would like to use them. I am not sure where you are based but contact me 0836819281 and lets see what we can do.



    Hi Lantz

    Thank you very much for the offer.

    I’m reporting back today that I finally got a hive 😀

    I had used lemon grass on cotton wool and fed them sugar water syrup and they decided it’s a pretty fantastic home.

    So, so excited. They are focusing around the queen for now and only occuping 4 frames but I’m sure it will flourish.
    So glad they got settled before the rains.
    Have a great weekend.


    Lantz Mattinson

    Hello Stuart

    That is good news. Well done. Very happy for you and enjoy the bees.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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