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    Lantz Mattinson

    When determining the amount of your quote for the removal, you should consider the following:
    1) The traveling distance & running costs; to the removal & your apairy. Vehicle costs at AA rates aer a fare estimate. (Don’t fool yourself)
    2) The degree of difficulty & skill required to do the removal.
    3) The equipment required: ladders, scaffolding, mobile ‘cherry-picker’, equipment hire costs etc.
    4) Removal site establishment costs including your time & labour to prepare the site for the removal.
    5) The labour & time cost of dismantling the equipment & returning it to the hire shop, including transport costs.
    6) Cost of your own equipment & consumable.
    7) The time taken to do the actual removal & you are possibly working at night.
    8) The degree of risk you are putting yourself at particularly when the removal is a few stories high, or in trees etc. & Don’t forget the live power in the Eskom box! (220 / 380 V + 80 Amps or more) – this will kill you. (You are not legally permitted to open an Eakom electric box. Consider impact on Medical Aid & life Insurance policies – engaging in an illegal activity.)
    8) Don’t forget that your Medical Aid may (will not) cover you for any injuries incurred while undertaking removals for reward. You require special medical insurance cover. (Check your Medical Aid very Carefully & get any cover confirmed in writing).
    9) Do your life insurance policies cover you for ALL the ‘risks’ involved? Check with your insurance company & get it confirmed in writing.
    10) A death caused by bee stings is classified as an unnatural death in S.A. & will result in a SAPS investigation.
    11) Don’t forget the cost of the ‘New Hive’.

    “Food for thought? Bee Removals are not a quick buck”

    Rob Ashby

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